Making paintings that revolve around sentimental objects or images, I am interested in how the manipulation of space can lend itself to a feeling of the imagined or recollected. I want my paintings to be a narrative of how I see and remember in segmented stages through imagery that is relevant to epochs of my life.

I am interested in the contrast between remembered images and their physical forms, and the emotional connections to these images and objects. I like to think about the network of special things in my life, their uses, or their objective uselessness. I have always been excited by collections of sentimental but seemingly useless things and the arbitrary or highly personal categorization we do of the things we collect throughout our lives. I see my paintings as mental landscapes, or a visual representation of a network of meaningful images. In my work this network is made up of shapes and images that represent an object’s physical form, remembered form, or a feeling towards an object or image.